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Destination Namibia

Namibia is certainly one of the most fascinating countries in southern Africa. Whether you are interested in wildlife, landscape, adventure, people or culture, Namibia will inspire you. Hospitality and helpfulness are warm - you immediately feel comfortable in Namibia

My Namibia Safaris

Discover Namibia's admirable sights away from large tour groups and other hustle and bustle in the safe company of your private guide. Experience everything accompanied by a knowledgeable local expert on a privately guided Namibia safari

Fantastic Landscapes

Endless horizons, clear sunny skies and the second lowest population density in the world ensure a real feeling of freedom. Anyone who has ever been to Namibia has to go back, the magic of Namibia won't let you go so quickly

A Safari Vacation in Namibia

Namibia is a very special travel destination with breathtaking beauty and extensive wilderness areas. Here you can travel undisturbed through the country, take breaks as you like and fully enjoy the unique landscapes on the trip. Namibia is also the country where you can get up close and personal with wild animals. In selected locations you can see an enormous number of different birds at any time, a special experience for bird enthusiasts. However, you have to plan your trip well in advance to avoid any disappointments when booking accommodation. This often creates uncertainty and frustration. We would like to advise you for a unique safari vacation in Namibia. As a local specialist for tailor-made privately guided tours and safaris in Southern Africa, we can draw on our knowledge and experience to work out an interesting and valuable safari vacation for you.