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25 Day Namibia Wildlife Safari

A sensational Namibia tour with Culture, Landscape, Flora & Fauna


Daily Travel Description – 25 Day Wildlife Safari

Day 1

Windhoek – Hotel Thule

We meet upon your arrival at Hosea Kutako International airport, take care of formalities such as exchanging some currency, and possibly buy a SIM card for the cell phone (if required). A short drive of about 40 km takes us to the Hotel Thule in the Eros district with a beautiful view over Windhoek. Now we can refresh and have time for a lunch break. In the afternoon we go on a city tour to see the sights of the Namibian capital. The recommended attractions we are able to visit in Windhoek are Christ Church, Ink Palace, Old Feasts, National Museum, Equestrian Monument, Namibia Culture Center, Katutura Township with Penduka Village.  Alternatively, free time for individual experiences and visits. My recommendation for dinner would be the popular Joe’s Beer House or the Kubata Restaurant opposite Joe’s (highly recommended) in the Eros district.

Overnight: Hotel Thule – breakfast included

Day 2

Windhoek – Ai Aiba Lodge (Erongo Berge) / Travel time approx. 3 hours – 248 km

Our unique 25-day wildlife safari starts after breakfast at 8 am on the B1 northwards to the town of Okahandja. Shortstop here and possibly a visit to Namibia’s biggest wood carving market. Then we continue on the B2 towards Swakopmund. At Karibib we turn right to reach Omaruru after about 60 kilometers. There are a few attractions to see here and we can also visit the crystal winery for a Namibian wine tasting. Now 47 km to the Ai Aiba Lodge, which we should reach at 1 pm. We check-in and now have free time that we can either spend at the swimming pool or maybe go for a hike. There is a marked path on which flora and fauna, as well as San rock engravings, can be admired. Dinner at the lodge offers excellent cuisine.

Overnight: Ai Aiba Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 3 

 Ai Aiba Lodge  – The Stiltz Swakopmund / Travel time approx. 4 hours – 250 km

After breakfast, we leave at 8:30 am to reach our stopover at the famous Spitzkoppe around 11 am. Here we take a short trip to see the rock paintings of the Bushmen who lived here many years ago. After our lunch break, we continue to the coast and we arrive in Swakopmund in the early afternoon. We have enough time for a stroll through the city and can also visit the Crystal Gallery or the Namibian National Marine Aquarium. Swakopmund is Namibia’s premier seaside town and a very popular beach resort with excellent German colonial architecture. Swakopmund founded in 1892 as the main port for German South-West Africa. The climate here is very pleasant, but in the early morning, fog is very regular over the city. Temperatures never reach high levels and cool evenings are the norm. We stay here for two nights and look forward to the next day with many interesting opportunities to spend our time around Swakopmund. Here we stay in the Stiltz Lodge (chalets with sea view) located on the beach. Our recommendation for dinner tonight is the ultra-German Brauhaus or the landmark restaurant Jetty 1905, which is situated about 270 meters on the pier in the ocean.

Overnight: The Stiltz – breakfast included

Day 4

The Stiltz Swakopmund

After breakfast, we have all day to relax in Swakopmund. But as so often requested, we will start early and go to Walvis Bay to take part in the very popular catamaran tour, which starts at 9 am and ends at 12:30 pm. This goes along the coast and sea lions, as well as dolphins, are constant companions of the boat. Fresh oysters and sparkling wine are served. Back in Walvis Bay, we may have a little lunch break before continuing in the afternoon with a 4×4 safari along the ocean to the endpoint of Sandwich Harbor. However, this tour can only be done when the tide is low. If necessary, we take a different trip. We should be back in Swakopmund around 6 pm and can refresh ourselves and then enjoy our dinner in one of the very good restaurants, such as Old Steamers Restaurant or in the old and very popular Kückis Pub.

Overnight: The Stiltz – breakfast included

Day 5

Swakopmund – Cape Cross Lodge / Travel time approx. 2 hours – 128 km

We leave after breakfast at 9 am and drive north along the coast until we reach Henties Bay after about an hour. Here we have the opportunity to see the first shipwreck, the “Zeila” located 14 km south of Henties Bay and stranded in 2008. After our short visit to the beach, we continue to our destination for today, the Cape Cross Lodge, where we arrive at noon and enjoy our lunch break. In the afternoon, we visit the seal colony not far from the lodge. Up to two hundred ten thousand seals are bustling around here in the rutting season with an unforgettable scent and noise. We will also see the historic cross of the Portuguese navigator Diego Cao, which he built here during his second voyage of discovery in 1486. A visit to the museum in the lodge and the art gallery is highly recommended. Dinner is served as a three-course meal in the restaurant of the lodge with a view on the Atlantic Ocean.

Overnight: Cape Cross Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 6

Cape Cross Lodge – Twyfelfontein Country Lodge / Travel time approx. 4.5 hours – 300 km

After a nice breakfast, we continue at 8 am and we drive south along the coast until we turn left just before Henties Bay on to the C35. We now drive 115 kilometers through a somewhat bleak landscape until we reach the small mining village of Uis, known for the numerous semi-precious stones in Namibia, for our lunch break. We continue northwards and after a few kilometers, we turn left on to the D2359 to pay a visit to the highest mountain in Namibia, the Brandberg at 2573 meters. Here we have the opportunity to take part in a guided hike to see the world-famous rock painting of the “White Lady”. This is a guided tour and included in the tour price. After the approximately three and a half-hour long hike, we continue to our destination for today, the uniquely beautiful Twyfelfontein Country Lodge, our accommodation for the next two nights. The lodge offers 56 attractively furnished rooms with different layouts and sleeping options, as well as a restaurant with a view of the wide valley and an impressive swimming pool. The afternoon is at our free disposal and we meet later at the rustic bar for a ‘sundowner’ and then have our dinner, which is offered as an extensive buffet.

Overnight: Twyfelfontein Country Lodge – dinner and breakfast

Day 7

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

After our breakfast at 8:30 am, the sights around Twyfelfontein are on our program today. We only drive a few kilometers to reach the “Burnt Mountain” and the “Organ Pipes”, both basalt rock formations formed by cooled lava flow about 80 million years ago. It continues to Namibia’s World Heritage Site, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here we take a 2-hour hike with a local guide who will tell us a lot about the more than 2000-year-old rock engravings and rock paintings of the Khoisan (Bushmen) who lived here many years ago. (Tour costs included in the tour price). Thousands of tourists come here every year to see the about 2,500 Stone Age rock engravings. The area is home to 17 rock art sites, which together make up 212 engraved stone slabs. There are another 13 locations with rock paintings. We return to our lodge for our lunch break and can rest for a while. In the afternoon, the lodge offers various activities, which are optional and not included in the travel price. However, if interested, we can do our own hike in the late afternoon. On this hike, we meet fascinating plants in the area, including the Welwitschia Mirabilis, the Moringa, and a variety of Commiphora species. Before it gets dark we are back and enjoy our dinner on the terrace of the lodge.

Overnight: Twyfelfontein Country Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 8

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge – Palmwag Lodge / Travel time approx. 3 hours – 145 km

After a nice breakfast we continue at 9 am and we drive a few kilometers on the D2612 and turn left to reach the “Petrified Forest” after another 20 kilometers. The name is a bit misleading as it is not a forest that has turned to stone, but a collection of enormous petrified tree trunks that are around 280 million years old. Here we go on another guided tour, which lasts about an hour and is included in the tour price. Now we continue on the C43 and after another 120 kilometers, we will arrive at the Palmwag Lodge. The Palmwag Lodge is a paradise on the Uniab River in northwestern Namibia and nestled in a spectacular landscape with swaying palm trees that whisper in the wind, the Palmwag Lodge is one of the oldest and most popular tourist attractions in Namibia. There are large populations of Hartmann’s mountain zebra, giraffe, oryx, springbok, and kudu in the concession area around Palmwag Lodge. The predator population is the largest outside of Etosha National Park with over 100 lions, cheetahs, leopards, browns, and spotted hyenas. The birdlife is very diverse and most of the endemics in Namibia are present. We take our lunch break in the garden of the lodge and now have some free time that we can enjoy by the beautiful swimming pool before we take part in a guided hike with a local guide in the afternoon, which starts at 4 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m. (This hike is included in the tour price). The professional guide shows us the various traces of the animals that live in the concession area and the wonderful and interesting flora that lives in this arid landscape. Then we look forward to our dinner and a well-deserved night’s rest.

Overnight: Palmwag Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 9

Palmwag Lodge

This morning after breakfast we take a trip to the Palmwag Lodge concession area. We drive to various viewpoints and sights in a breathtaking landscape, in the hope of getting some of the wild animals living here into the photo lens. Wild species such as mountain zebra, giraffe, kudu, oryx, springbok, ostrich, jackal, brown and spotted hyena, as well as the desert-adapted elephant, the endangered black rhino, and lion are at home in this 5,500 square kilometer concession area. We are back at our lodge in time for our lunch break. We have free time again until 4:00 p.m. when we take part in a guided “Game / Scenic Drive” of around 4 hours in an open off-road vehicle, which is always included in the tour price and led by a local guide. With the day filled, we go to the pool bar for our ‘sundowner’ in the evening and then for dinner.

Overnight: Palmwag Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 10

Palmwag Lodge – Khowarib Lodge / Travel time approx. 1.5 hours – 80 km

We can sleep a little longer today and enjoy our breakfast at 9 am because today we continue on the C43 through a beautiful landscape until we arrive at the Khowarib Lodge quite early. We check-in and go on a short trip to the very small town of Warmquelle and drive 6 km with an all-wheel-drive on the D3706 until we reach the Ongongo Waterfall Campsite, where we take our lunch break (if necessary with packed lunches). Then the crystal-clear rock pool with the waterfall invites us to swim. Back at our lodge, we can do a little hike in the Hoanib Gorge, which has an incredibly beautiful bird paradise. Afterward, we enjoy a wonderful sunset with a cold beer on the terrace of the lodge and look forward to a wonderful dinner.

Overnight: Khowarib Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 11

Khowarib Lodge

Today, after breakfast, a 7 to 8 hour trip to the Hoanib River Valley is planned. The Hoanib is one of the largest non-perennial rivers in northern Namibia. The river bed with its water resources offers habitat for the protected desert elephants, antelopes, ostriches, giraffes, and also lions. Here we experience the diversity of African wildlife in a natural environment and more pristine than in the parks. On this tour, the landscape changes with grass steppes, desert landscapes as well as the mountain country and the river beds serve as roads in this part of the Kaokoveld. This adventurous excursion is always included in the travel price. With a lot of luck, we will see the very rare desert elephants, the Hartmann’s mountain zebra, lions, and possibly also rhinos, as well as various antelope species on our trip into the Hoanib Valley. We can enjoy our “packed lunches” we brought with us today in the wild. After a hopefully very eventful day, we can enjoy a “sundowner” on the wooden deck at the lodge followed by an excellent dinner.

Overnight: Khowarib Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 12

Khowarib Lodge – Epupa Camp / Travel time approx. 6 hours – 340 km

Today after breakfast at 7:30 am we continue our safari to my second home Kunene Nord and we drive on the C35 and C 41 to Opuwo the capital of the region. Here we take a coffee break at Annette’s Bistro, refuel our vehicle, and continue on the gravel road to Epupa. Halfway we reach Ongangwati and many Himbas along the road will be happy to see us. At 3 pm we should arrive at Epupa Camp, where our hosts will meet us. We take a break before we go in the late afternoon on a “sundowner” excursion to the hill that overlooks the Epupa falls. Maybe we’ll drop by at a friend’s lodge for a cold beer on the terrace next to the river. A wonderful dinner at Epupa Camp awaits us afterward.

Overnight: Epupa Camp – dinner and breakfast included

Day 13

Epupa Camp

Today Felix is in his element because we visit his authentic Himba village 4 km outside Epupa. Here we see, experience, and learn everything about the traditions and way of life of these very special semi-nomadic ethnic groups of Africa who moved from West Africa to this area in the middle of the fifteenth century. We also visit a Himba cemetery and the Epupa primary school. In the afternoon, there is the possibility to take a “River Rafting Tour” on the Kunene River (absolutely suitable for beginners but not included in the tour price) or to go for a hike on the river with my guide Manjoro. We end the day with a drink on the terrace of our lodge followed again by an excellent dinner.

Overnight: Epupa Camp – dinner and breakfast included

Day 14

Epupa Camp – Kunene River Lodge / Travel time approx. 4 hours – 140 km

After two nice days in Epupa, we leave at 8 am and continue today on the D3700 in an easterly direction along the Kunene River, the so-called “River Trail”. A beautiful landscape awaits us and with a little luck, we will see crocodiles and colorful birdlife. The gravel road has since been improved and it only takes us about 3 to 4 hours to reach our next stop, the beautiful Kunene River Lodge, located directly on the river. We take our lunch break on the wooden deck with a view of the river and can either take a “Cinderella Waxbill Birding Trip” in the afternoon or take part in the somewhat later “Sundowner Cruise”. Tonight a 3-course menu will be served in the restaurant or on the terrace.

Overnight: Kunene River Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 15

Kunene River Lodge  – Hobatere Lodge / Travel time approx. 3.5 hours – 280 km

This morning we leave at 8 am and continue our journey on the D3700 along the river until we reach the village of Ruacana after about 60 kilometers. Here we take a tour of the dam and the power plant, which supplies about a third of the electricity needs of Namibia. We continue on the tar road C35 in a southern direction until we turn not far from Kamanjab to the right and drive into the grounds of the Hobatere Lodge. This breathtaking property in a concession area of ​​32,000 hectares is home to many wild animals such as lions, leopards, oryx, eland, cheetahs, giraffes, Hartmann’s mountain zebras, and elephants. A number of activities from the lodge are on offer, including a visit to a nearby Himba village, night game drives, bird watching, and guided walks that give guests ample opportunity to see the different wildlife and endemic species in the area. The lodge also has a hideaway overlooking a nearby waterhole and a panoramic sun terrace illuminated for part of the evening. The afternoon is freely available here and activities offered by the lodge are for your own account. Dinner is usually served as a three-course meal on the terrace or in the restaurant.

Overnight: Hobatere Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 16

Hobatere Lodge

We have to have a very early breakfast today because we want to take part in a morning game drive at 6:30 am, which is conducted by a lodge guide. This game drive of about 3 hours in length usually goes to the southwestern side of the property. With a little luck, you will see some of the animals already mentioned yesterday. Afterward, there is free time and we meet for lunch at 1 pm on the terrace of the lodge. At 4 pm we go on an afternoon game drive with Felix and maybe we are lucky enough to see other animals than in the morning. Dinner again on the terrace with a view of the illuminated water hole.

Overnight: Hobatere Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 17

Hobatere Lodge – Taleni Etosha Village / Travel time approx. 5 hours – 210 km

We leave at 8 am after breakfast and drive a few kilometers south until we reach the “Galton Gate” and enter the west side of the Etosha National Park. After we have organized the entry permit, we continue through the park at only 60 km / h and past the wonderful viewpoint Olifantsrus, where we make a short stop to see a few animals at the waterhole. We arrive in Okaukuejo at around 1 pm and take our lunch break before leaving the park through the Anderson Gate to reach our accommodation for tonight, the Taleni Etosha Village. Now there is free time at the lodge, which offers two beautiful swimming pools and we look forward to dinner in the form of a wonderful buffet with many game dishes before we go to bed.

Overnight: Taleni Etosha Village – dinner and breakfast included

Day 18

Taleni Etosha Village – Mushara Lodge / Travel time approx. 4 hours – 165 km

This morning after breakfast at 8 am we go back to the park and we drive east again past a couple of water holes to reach Camp Halali for our lunch break. Here you can use the swimming pool to refresh yourself. After the break, we continue on the Rhino and Elandsdrive before we visit several waterholes near the pan again. We leave the park through the “Von Lindequist Tor” and after a few kilometers, we are at the luxurious Mushara Lodge the next time we arrive. This lodge has 10 beautiful chalets built around the equally beautiful swimming pool, as well as exquisite cuisine and wines, which will surely make our dinner particularly interesting.

Overnight: Mushara Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 19

Mushara Lodge – La Rochelle Lodge / Travel time approx. 1.5 hours – 130 km

There is absolutely no rush to enjoy our breakfast this morning to leave this beautiful lodge at 9 am. We only drive a few kilometers on the tarmac road until we reach the B1 main road and turn right. Now we are on the way to the mining town of Tsumeb, but before we reach Tsumeb we pay a visit to the “Otjikoto Lake”. Here, the German protection forces on the retreat from the South Africans in 1915 had sunk all their weapons before surrendering. The alleged treasure of 6 million gold marks has not yet been found. The exact depth of the lake is still unknown. We continue to Tsumeb and visit the Tsumeb Museum. The museum has extensive exhibits on the history of the Tsumeb mine, Namibian postage stamps, and the artillery pieces of the German protection forces that were fetched from Lake Otjikoto. However, there is also an “ethnographic” space where some unique photographs and artifacts from different ethnic groups in Namibia are displayed. After a short city tour in Tsumeb, we continue on the B15 and will arrive at the very beautiful La Rochelle Lodge at around 1 pm. We take our lunch break and in the afternoon we can explore the beautiful surroundings and wildlife in this 10,000-hectare site. We will enjoy the sunset on the lodge’s wooden deck and look forward to an excellent dinner at the lodge.

Overnight: La Rochelle Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 20

La Rochelle Lodge – Fiume Lodge / Travel time approx. 1.5 hours – 130 km

We have breakfast at 9 am and leave this beautiful lodge in the direction of Tsumeb and then continue on the C42 towards Grootfontein. Before we reach Grootfontein, we turn left on to the D3022 to visit the world-famous and largest meteorite in the world. The so-called Hoba meteorite weighs about 50 tons and consists mainly of iron. After the visit, we return to the main street and are in Grootfontein in a few minutes. We still drive about 33 kilometers until we reach our today’s destination, the Fiume Lodge in the bush. We take our lunch break and can visit an authentic Bushman village on the C44 in the afternoon, in the “N # a-Jaqna Conservancy”. This excursion takes about 5 hours. We return to our lodge in the early evening and look forward to a typical Namibian dinner served as a three-course menu.

Overnight: Fiume Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 21

Fiume Lodge – Otjiwa Safari Lodge / Travel time approx. 3 hours – 280 km

After breakfast, we leave at 9 am and now on a tar road, we drive on the B8 via Grootfontein and Otavi to Otjiwarongo where we take a short lunch break. After a few more kilometers, we turn right and drive after a few more kilometers through the gate of the Otjiwa Safari Lodge. This unique property is one of the oldest “Game Lodges” in Namibia and thus has the largest game stock of all private lodges in Namibia. To get this confirmed in reality, we go this afternoon on a 2-hour guided game drive in an open SUV with an experienced guide from the lodge. Afterward, we relax with a “sundowner” on the terrace of the lodge followed by a first-class dinner in the stylish restaurant of the lodge.

Overnight: Otjiwa Safari Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 22

Otjiwa Safari Lodge

This morning after breakfast we leave at 10 am to pay a visit to the Okonjima Reserve. It is only a short 40-minute drive to the “Okonjima Nature Reserve”, located in a 200 square kilometer private nature reserve. When we arrive we have some time to explore the nature reserve with a hike and take a lunch break in the day center restaurant at 12.30. At 1 pm we go on a guided trip to the AfriCat Carnivore care and information center to learn more about these wonderful animals and to meet our Carnivore ambassadors. The Okonjima Nature Reserve is home to the AfriCat Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the long-term protection of the large wild cats in Namibia. See also: Okonjima is home to our cheetahs in Namibia, which we rarely see in the wild, but are definitely worth a visit here. This activity is included in the tour price. This is hopefully a very eventful and valuable day before we return to our lodge.

Overnight: Otjiwa Safari Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 23

Otjiwa Safari Lodge – Mount Etjo Safari Lodge / Travel time approx. 1 hour – 70 km

We can have a very relaxed breakfast this morning to leave Otjiwa Safari Lodge at 10 am because Mount Etjo Lodge in the Okonjati Game Reserve is not far away. We drive back to the B1 main road and now heading south, then after about 40 km turn right on to the gravel road D2483. The Mount Etjo Lodge was founded in the 70s by the world-famous environmentalist Jan Oelofse (see history: and has many animals on its 30,000-hectare property that are not usually found in Etosha and others western areas of Namibia. Now only another 40 kilometers to the Mount Etjo Safari Lodge where we will arrive at noon and have our light lunch. The afternoon is at our disposal, but the game-drive at 3 pm organized by the lodge is highly recommended and included in the tour price. After dinner, the lion feeding is optionally available at 9 pm but for your own account. With a nightcap, we say goodbye to a wonderful day.

Overnight: Mount Etjo Safari Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 24

Mount Etjo Safari Lodge

After breakfast this morning we can hike a bit and admire the footprints of the dinosaurs living here hundreds of thousands of years ago, as well as visit the local school for which we do not need a guide. Back at the lodge we relax a little and enjoy a light lunch at 1 pm. Free time is again planned for the afternoon because you will surely be able to admire many of the wild animals residing here on the beautiful grounds of the lodge. At 5 pm you have the option to participate in the cheetah feeding activity, which in turn is not included in the travel price. We are looking forward to our last dinner, offered as an extensive buffet and served around the campfire in the African style restaurant of the lodge.

Overnight: Mount Etjo Safari Lodge – dinner and breakfast included

Day 25

Mount Etjo Safari Lodge – Windhoek / Travel time approx. 3 hours – 225 km

Our beautiful tour is now coming to an end and at 10 am we are on our way back towards Windhoek. We drive again on the B1 until we reach Okahandja after about an hour and a half, take a short coffee break, maybe visit the wood carving market and then continue for 65 km to arrive in Windhoek at around 2 pm. Some time for a stroll through the city and a farewell drink on the terrace of the Heinitzburg Hotel before we drive to the airport and wish Namibia and Felix farewell.

Services Included

Activities with third parties included in the tour price:

Guided tour Spitzkoppe (rock paintings)
Catamaran tour Walvis Bay
Guided tour Brandberg White Lady
Guided tour Twyfelfontein World Heritage Site (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Guided tour Petrified Forest
Guided hike afternoon (Palmwag Lodge)
Game drive / Scenic Drive (Palmwag Lodge)
Activity Kunene River Lodge – Cinderella Waxbill Birding Trip or Sundowner Cruise
Game Drive Otjiwa Safari Lodge
Game Drive Hobatere Lodge
Day Visit Okonjima Game Reserve
Game Drive Mount Etjo Safari Lodge

Also included are all other excursions and game drives according to my travel program, entrance fees to parks, museums, etc., mineral water on the trip

Light lunches as stated in the travel program but due to time and location

Accommodation (3 to 4 stars) on half board or bed and breakfast according to the travel program

Hotel / Lodge List:

Hotel Thule – Bed and breakfast
Ai Aiba Lodge – half board
The Stiltz – bed & breakfast
Cape Cross Lodge – half board
Twyfelfontein Country Lodge – half board
Palmwag Lodge – half board
Khowarib Lodge – half board
Epupa Camp – half board
Kunene River Lodge – half board
Hobatere Lodge – half board
Taleni Etosha Village – half board
Mushara Lodge – half board
La Rochelle Lodge – half board
Fiume Lodge – half board
Otjiwa Safari Lodge – half board
Mount Etjo Safari Lodge – half board

Not included in the travel price are the flight costs to Windhoek and back, personal costs, drinks with meals, and tips for employees. For our tours, we use either a Jeep Cherokee (4 x 4), Toyota Fortuner (4 x 4), Mitsubishi Delica Luxury (4 x 4), VW T5 Microbus or Toyota Quantum according to the number of guests booked.


EUR 6,950 per person in a double room – the travel price is reduced for more than 2 people
SRO 1,100 EUR
Prices valid from 1 November 2020 to 31 October 2021

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