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Epupa Falls

The Magic of the Epupa Falls

Namibia’s pristine north is becoming increasingly popular among travelers. Starting from Sesfontein, where desert elephants roam the Hoanib Valley and travel further north to the Himba country, there is a village called Epupa on the Kunene River that borders Angola. Epupa itself is rather small, but grows with every campsite, every lodge and every sparse corner shop. You will also find a school and a health clinic here.

Epupa Falls is known for its semi-nomads, the Ovahimba. There are other tribes like Ovatjimba, Ovazemba and Ovatwe. The migration to the Epupa Falls is increasing steadily due to the high growth in tourism, which continues to immigrate to the region as tribes such as Herero and Oshiwambo.

The Himbas, which detach themselves from the traditional village culture, have lived in Epupa for ages and make their living mainly in regional tourism. Travelers can go rafting, hiking, bird watching, and visiting Himba villages. But there is one activity that is definitely unique: the Epupa Falls.

Epupa means “falling water” and “foam” and refers to the white foam created by the thundering water. And that pretty much describes what you will see: rushing masses of water that generate a powerful jet. The Epupa Falls are approximately 37 meters deep. Compared to other waterfalls in the region, such as the Victoria Falls, this may not sound like much. But here you can see a series of waterfalls that stretch over 1.5 kilometers and thunder over the cliffs.
Despite changing seasons and later changing amounts of rainwater that feed the waterfalls, you will always be greeted by an idyllic landscape at the Epupa waterfalls. The banks are lined with makalani palms and baobab trees, which gives it a quaint flair as you listen to the wild thunder that fills you with energy. To be here is just beautiful. Walk the path along the gorge and stop at various viewpoints – you will be impressed when you see the water plummeting.