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Fish River Canyon Lodge

Fish River Canyon Lodge – Unique stone chalets nestled among granite blocks in the South of Namibia



Anticipation increases as you turn off the main gravel road towards Fish River Canyon Lodge. The soft colors of the apricot sand, which fuse with the pale green of the euphorbia, are a prelude to the beauty of the surroundings of the lodge. When you make a final curve, the lodge comes into view. Nestled between rounded granite blocks, the quaint, centuries-old reception at Canyon Lodge, the green garden and the cool pond invite you to the enchanted enclave and welcome you.

The neighing of the horses from the paddocks follows you down an alley to the stone chalets, through a green grass carpet that is well irrigated by the recycling plant and strewn with camel thorn trees. The path continues to a swimming pool and the wild and beautiful expanse of Gondwana Canyon Park.

Take a guided ride to the Fish River Canyon to be inspired by new perspectives, take part in a 3-4 day Canyon Trail and experience a unique experience. Follow 4×4 Wildebeest Drive to watch the animals on the plains, watch the sunrise in the quiver trees and hike in the rocky hills, or enjoy the sunset either from the adjacent Koppie or on Sunset Drive. Away from the world, there is a gentle rhythm of peace that confirms the goodness of life. If you just want to take a break from the road, you can relax by the pool, take a nap in the coolness of your straw and stone chalet, or dive into a book on the terrace. The impressive gorge awakens our senses for the raw and powerful beauty of nature.

A high level of hospitality is offered in a relaxed and reserved manner at the Canyon Lodge. The down-to-earth appeal and cosiness of the lodge offers character and charm without shine and is perfect for the harsh environment of the Fish River Canyon. Twenty kilometers from the abyss that is shaped by millions of years of earth’s history, earth’s cataclysms, wind whispers, raging water currents and sparkling streams, this Fish River Canyon Lodge is a hideaway not to be missed.