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Namibia Responsible Tourism

What do we mean by responsible tourism?

We try to answer this question in detail below

Responsible tourism is the way we do our work at Namibia Holidays Tours & Safaris: by maximizing the economic, environmental and social benefits while minimizing the negative impact on the destination we travel to.

It is easy to travel responsibly. Just think about your attitude and decisions abroad – respect the local people, their economy, culture and of course the environment in which they live.

Responsible tourism practices are important to Namibia Holidays Tours & Safaris and these values ​​are anchored in the culture of our business, from the way we run our office to the structure of our trips. We make it our responsibility to conduct responsible travel both domestically and abroad by promoting goodwill, engaging in intercultural discussions and ensuring that the most vulnerable members of our community – animals, children and women – are not exploited in any way ,

We practice responsible tourism in our business by only booking accommodations that have proven themselves as high-quality hosts over the years. We never book guest farms, hunting farms and lodges that promote, support or even operate the hunting of critically endangered, endangered and threatened wild animals in any form. Furthermore, we do not book accommodations with companies that do not respect the Namibian labor law and / or practice racism.

We want to keep the countries we travel to clean and minimize our plastic waste to avoid negative effects in the areas where we travel.

We practice responsible tourism in the community by providing financial support to two children in a Himba village outside Epupa so that they can complete their education in a high school. This village has been supported since Felix was working as a Lodge Manager in Epupa and is still visited on our trips to the Kunene region, supplied with food and taken as an authentic example to familiarize our guests with the traditional life and culture of these unique people.

                                                                                                    Felix and his two adopted Kids in our village at Epupa

Accommodation fees: The accommodation fees are determined by the respective lodges in each safari season and are not negotiable. If you think that the suggested package price is too high, we can help you find another accommodation according to your wishes.

Vehicle-related costs: Your safety is our top priority. Our vehicles are serviced at the beginning and end of each trip. On some days, a vehicle may require a simple oil change, while on other days, all four tires may need to be replaced. Vehicle maintenance costs are quite expensive in Namibia, but they are an absolute priority for us because we are responsible for your safety and take this responsibility very seriously.

Food and drinks: Our trips are almost all all-inclusive trips, and we only book the best lodges available according to the travel program.

Operation and profit: As a small but growing company, our focus is on increasing our business and returning our profits to the company. If you book with a local tour operator, take out the “middleman”, which means that we can offer relatively cheap prices on all safaris and trips. Felix Heyl’s vision is to build a successful company with a focus on regular and recommended customers as there is no greater compliment than receiving a recommendation.

Namibia Holidays Tours & Safaris prides itself on being a responsible tour operator, and we are committed to making a positive contribution wherever possible.