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Waterberg Guest Farm

Waterberg Guest Farm is a luxury lodge with traditional German-Namibian hospitality


The Waterberg Guest Farm was opened in 1995 with the aim of bringing the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Waterberg and its protection closer to the visitors. The ranch ‘Okosongomingo’, on which the Waterberg Guest Farm is located, has been in the Schneider-Waterberg family since 1909 and your host, Harry Schneider-Waterberg, a third generation German Namibian, carries on the family tradition of cattle farming. 

Waterberg Guest Farm is conveniently situated just off the main road, halfway between Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, and the world-famous Etosha National Park. It is the perfect place for your first or last stop.

The former farm administrator’s house, built in 1930, was converted into a guest house with four guest rooms, all with private bathrooms. All rooms have their own toilet, shower and sink; one room also has a bathtub. Each room has its own entrance that leads to the large veranda.The guest house also has a large dining room with its own lounge area – the ideal place to relax after a long day. In addition to the guest house, we have two “Busch-Bungalows”, which are located 160 m from the main house. These truly unique bungalows are built in the traditional Herero style.

According to the Herero tradition, the basic structure consists of solid wooden beams. These originate from the so-called “intruder bush”, an introduced tree species that threatens the natural savannah of Namibia and must therefore be removed. On this wooden base frame, a mixture of “ombumbi” and clay, which is obtained from abandoned termite mounds, is removed by hand Village women applied.

While the bungalows were created exclusively from these natural building materials, the interior offers all modern amenities to ensure a high level of comfort. In addition, there is the unique opportunity to shower both inside and outside the bungalows, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape.

Next to the swimming pool is the African “Lapa” house, which is traditionally covered with thatched grass. It is ideal for snacks, afternoon coffee or a drink at the fully equipped bar. Guests can also access the nearby water hole from a wooden deck look and observe the numerous antelopes, warthogs and, with a little luck, even a leopard. In return, you can be sure of being observed by the herd of “house baboons”.